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The AMSOIL INC. Commitment to Quality and Environmental Principles.

  • AMSOIL INC. products exceed industry specifications and offer exceptional performance; our operations meet all relevant federal, state and local environmental regulations and legal and other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • AMSOIL INC. is committed to meeting our customer requirements. AMSOIL continually evaluates and improves our business practices to ensure that we meet or exceed our commitments to each of our stakeholders and to the protection of the environment.
  • AMSOIL INC. regularly identifies key objectives and monitors our progress through periodic audits, management review and corrective actions ensuring that we meet the demands and expectations of all our stakeholders.
  • AMSOIL INC. champions the prevention of pollution and employs an operational model designed to be of minimal impact on the environment.
  • AMSOIL INC. promotes communication about our Quality and Environmental principles so that all who work for or on behalf of AMSOIL INC. have a deep understanding of our products, services and environmental stewardship.

As Co-Presidents of AMSOIL INC. we are committed, through our people and resources, to providing strategic leadership aimed at the long-term sustainability of AMSOIL INC. and these quality and environmental principles.

Alan Amatuzio
Co-President & COO

Dean Alexander
Co-President & CEO